Your Beginner’s Guide To Dual Vibrators

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Dual vibrators They are one of the most loved sex toys available. This is not surprising. With the wide array of shapes and sizes that they come in, it’s a sex toy worth the attention for enhancing both solo and partnered play. 

double vibrator enigma soraya

What’s a double vibrator?

Double vibrators, sex toys with dual vibrating ends, are double vibrators. Dual vibrators may have two motors that can be used to control each of the ends separately. Dual vibrators offer more ways to receive stimulation than vibrators with only one end and are great when you’re looking to experience Orgasms with blended ingredients

Double vibrators are great for sex. One end can go into the vagina, while the other ends will go into the anus. It can also be used to stimulate the external areas of your body, allowing you to explore a variety of zones at once. 

Different types of Dual Vibrators

There are several types of dual vibrators. There are magic wands that offer two different vibrating ends for different stimulations — one more general and one more targeted.  A double-ended vibrating dildo is another type. It is ideal for same-sex penetration sex. Dual vibrators are available that can replace straps and can be adjusted to perfectly fit both the male and female bodies for penetrative sex. 

You can also find small, discreet vibrating bullets which are great for external stimulation. For example, LELO’s sister brand’s PicoBong Mahana 2The, is a dual vibrator bullet vibrator that has two motors. They can either be set to different vibrations (or synced to give the same stimulation).

That’s not all, though. PicoBong also makes a double-ended vibrator called the TransformerThe, which allows for a wide range of options and different ways to spice up the bedroom. You can either use the Transformer to stimulate the external body or insert it into the vaginal area during solo sex, or partner sex.

The rabbit vibrators, which offer double stimulation of both the vaginal and clitoris, are another type of vibrator that falls under the dual vibrator category. SORAYA Wave. These vibrators are great for solo play, and can provide a wide range of sensations by playing with different vibes and positionings.

ENIGMA can also be used as a dual vibrator. Its unique shape allows it to perfectly fit your body from the inside and out, stimulating both your clitoris as well as your G-spot simultaneously. 

You can see that there are many double vibrators to choose from, so everyone can find one they like. 

How to enjoy a dual vibrator

There will be an learning curve like with any other sexy toy. These ideas will help you make experimentation easier with the toy.

1. Double Penetration During Solo Play

Double vibrators are great for solo play when you’re looking for blended stimulation. You can also choose the toy that suits your needs. You can choose toys that provide both external and internal stimulation. Other toys stimulate your clitoris, nipples and clitoris simultaneously. There are toys that provide triple stimulation of your clit, vagina and anus simultaneously. 

It is obvious that blended stimulation can be beneficial for solo play. You can easily achieve mind-blowing blended orgasms when you’re stimulating your clit, G-spot, and/or A-spot that are deeper and more intense than, let’s say, only clitoral orgasms. Enigma and SORAYA Wave can be used alone, giving you complete control over the stimulation with different intensity vibes.

Dual vibrators can have two motors so it is possible to use different stimulations simultaneously. It is possible for vibrations to work more effectively on certain parts of the body than others, so it’s a great way to spice things up.

2. Stimulate other erogenous zones

Stimulating your clit, vagina and other high-sensitivity areas like G-spot can be pleasurable. However, they aren’t the only pleasure points in your entire body. Women can even go crazy for nipple stimulation. Pulsating vibrations can also be felt in other areas of the body like your inner thighs and lower belly, as well as behind your knees. 

Transformer vibrators have two sides, so you can move and focus on different areas at once. The vibrating sensations can be felt on your inner thighs while the vibrator’s other end is inserted into your body or over your clit. 

3. Double Penetration during Partnered Sex

One of the best things about dual vibrators is that they’re the perfect toy for partnered play. The double vibrator is great for sexy sex. 

In the same-sex scenario, the dual-ended vibrator is a great way to add internal stimulation for both partners while you’re touching each other externally. You can experiment with different vibration settings, and because of the dual motors, you don’t have to worry about you and your partner not liking the same vibe. 

4. Invite Your Partner to Come

If you’re into some kinky play and BDSM, the dual vibrator will be your best friend. It’s a perfect tool to use on your partner during power-play as it offers many different ways of driving your partner crazy. 

You can also use the vibrator to stimulate the skin from the outside. You can also use the double penetration capability. Dual vibrators allow you to use other tools or toys to stimulate the brain. 

Orgasm control or edging A double vibrator can make it a lot more fun because of its intense mixed stimulation. You can quickly bring your partner to the edge. 

Safety Note

When playing with different openings at the same time, it’s important to remember one thing. It is important to not alternate between the anus or vagina without first cleaning your double vibrator. 

The vagina has very sensitive microflora that can be disturbed easily, so if you’re playing with differentopenings, it might be a good idea to use a condom over the toy. This way you’ll avoid transferring bacteria and save yourself the trouble of getting an infection. 

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