The More The Merrier: Sex Toy Bundles

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Good things come in threes, and in this case… sometimes twos. 

Who doesn’t want more *bang* for their buck?

sex toy bundles

Sex toy bundles You are the gift that keeps going. Whether they’re for yourself, or someone else. 

They’re also an awesome way to try out a range of sensations with products that were designed to work together, or on their own.

Not to mention, if you’re a bit of sex toy connoisseur, bundles can save you quite a bit of cash!

Are you ready to find out more?

Let’s see just what kind of bundles Lelo has to offer you. 

Queendom Come

queendom come bundle

Masturbating is a wonderful way to deal the It is uncomfortable You should not be on your period. It can ease cramps and aches, improve mood, sleep better, and many other benefits.

*Cues Bleeding Love*

While there’s nothing wrong with a little mess, sometimes it’s nice to not have to worry about that while you’re getting some menstrual relief. 

That’s where the Queendom Come Bundle available

What’s in It: The most royal of bleeders This bundle includes the Ziggy Cup And the SILA Sonic Clitoral Massager In pink

The Ziggy Cup not only helps the planet reduce waste from period products, but can also be worn up to eight hours per day. Here’s the best part – you can even have penetrative sex with it in.

Sila massager is about slow building with gentle waves which lead to more intense orgasm. Ideal for slow days when you need extra power. 

Operation Allgasm

operation allgasm bundle

Double the pleasure, twice the fun

Do you remember those moments when you feel like a wave ishes over you, and you are in a state that is ecstatic blissful for a few minutes?

Well, that’s the goal of the Operation Allgasm bundle.

This set has everything you need for a pleasure-packed party, whether you’re riding solo or have someone to explore with.

What’s in It:

Operation Allgasm uses two different, but equally powerful, massagers: the SORAYA Wave And the SONA 2 Cruise. You’ll also get a luxurious Massage Candle in Vanilla & Creme de Cacao and a bottle of our Personal Moisturizer

You have endless possibilities for sensation with the dual power of the SORAYA Wave’s rabbit massager and the SONA 2 Cruise, which uses SenSonic technology to create a wave-like sensation over the clitoris… again and again.

Surfs up!


spotlight bundle

The Spotlight bundle will have you lighting up a room, whether you’re a natural-born performer or a wallflower. 

Dual-action sensation Orgasm with blended ingredients bliss.

What’s In It: When you open up your Spotlight bundle, you’ll find the SILA Sonic clitoral massager. GIGI 2Along with a delicious meal, Massage Candle in Vanilla & Creme de Cacao and a bottle of our Personal Moisturizer.

Enjoy the amazing effects of G-spot stimulation with the GIGI 2 and gentle waves of sensation that pound over your clitoris thanks to the SILA. 

Shine bright, like a baby diamond!

Have a party in the back

party in the back bundle

This one’s for the guys! Anyone with a desire to be a gentleman! prostate That is the key.

If you couldn’t guess by the name, the Have a party in the back The bundle is designed to stimulate the pleasure-packed prostate.

What’s In It: When you open up your Party in the Back bundle, you’ll find the HUGO Remote control of the prostate massager LOKI Massager for prostate using vibrations

To make your experience as carefree and pleasurable as possible, we’ve also added in a 36 pack of our HEX Condoms and a tube containing our Personal moisturizer

Are you ready to party!

Happy Vaginas

happy vaginas bundle

What does the old saying mean? 

Happy vagina = happy life 

Well, that’s our motto! Which is why we’ve put together the Happy Vaginas Bundle for You

This bundle contains everything you need to make tantalizing foreplay or a vulvulating vagina.

What’s in It? Our recipe for happy vaginal is SONA 2 The clitoral massager INA Wave G-spot is a clitoral massager and g-spot. LELO Beads, and of course – a bottle of our Personal moisturizer To top it all.

We are confident that your vagina will be happy.

Fresh’N Steamy

fresh n steamy bundle

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!

Grab your Fresh’N Steamy bundle while you’re at it.

We strive to provide the best possible products for you. This is why we’re always striving to innovate and improve our products. 

We’ve put together the new and improved versions of two of Lelo’s bestselling products for femmes.

What’s in It? Pop open your Fresh’N Steamy bundle and voila! You will find the following: SONA 2 Cruise Along with the sonic clitoral, you can also use the SORAYA 2 G-spot, clitoral massager.

Are you ready to get steamy?

Her Delight

her delight bundle

It’s an afternoon delight! 

You can do it at any hour of the day. You can do what you want. Just don’t forget our Her Delight bundle.

This bundle is a double pack that’s full of everything you need for a full circle blended orgasm.

What’s in It: When you dive into your Her Delight bundle, you’ll find the SONA Cruise The GIGI 2 G Spot vibrator is a sonic clitoral masseur in pink. Personal moisturizer for some extra support.

Sounds delightful!

All Pain, All Gain

no pain all gain bundle

Do you want to win? Are you looking for financial gains?

Then, All Pain, All Gain You can bundle.

What are you training to do? The best orgasms you’ve ever had, that’s what, and we’ve got the tools for you.

What’s in It? When you look in your gym bag, aka the No Pain All Gain bundle, you’ll find the three trainers that will put you in the best orgasm shape of your life.

Meet the SONA 2 Purple, sonic clitoral Massager Smart Wand 2 Massager for all over the body, including the LELO Beads Plus Weighted vaginal beads

You can put me in charge!

Girl Power

girl power bundle

Calling all feminists – and anyone who’s a fan of vulva-centered pleasure!

The Girl Power The bundle was designed to help you understand and explore your body. It also helps you find your sweet spots.

What’s in It? In this perfect sex toy starter pack, you’ll find the discreet, yet powerful NEA 2 The clitoral masseuse, and GIGI 2 G-spot vibrator.


Couple Play

couple play bundle

While all of these sets are great for solo or partnered pleasure, this one is designed for couple’s play.

This is why the name. 

The Couple Play This bundle includes everything that you and your sweetie want for an unforgettable experience.

What’s In It? Uncover your bundle and you’ll find the TIANI 3 remote-controlled couple’s massager, the TOR 2 couple’s ring, a 36 pack of our HEX Condoms and a bottle Personal moisturizer.

It’s time to choose your own adventure. What pleasure do you seek? Bundle Is it right for you?

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