Study Shows that Men Want More Sex in a Cold Climate

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The winter months bring us more sex. Research suggests that winter months are when men are more likely to engage in sex. We can now stop complaining about the cold, and reap its benefits.

men want more sex in winter

In a recent study published in The Psychology of Human Sexuality, 114 men rated their perceived attractiveness of two sets of photos – one of women’s faces, and one of women’s bodies. Shown these images every 3 months over the course of a year, researchers noticed that attraction levels for the images of the faces did not change – but the body images saw fluctuating levels, especially during colder months.

In December and February, the attraction levels rose and peaked while they were at their lowest level for the whole year in June July and August. Survey subjects who were in the same relationship throughout this study said that their attraction to their partners also peaked in winter, which proves that even summer love can be more intense in winter.

We are curious, you may ask. Research suggests that men are more likely to be naked when it is hot, which can lead to a flesh overload. In winter, women tend to wear less skin and make the sight of a little skin more appealing. This argument is supported by the unchanging attraction of faces. Faces are visible all year and there are no dry spells around them.

According to the UC Health Media Group, winter also affects our mood in a variety of ways—and not really for the better. SAD, also known as seasonal affective disorder or overall dryness, causes social withdrawal and irritability. Maybe this is why we long for intimacy and closeness with our partners.

And what about women’s seasonal sexual arousal? Well, that’s a study that’s yet to be conducted. There are many other factors that can influence the peak in sexual performance. 

The romanticism around the holidays causes “cuffing season”, which is a millennial talk for finding a significant other in time for the holidays. Another study found that we crave human interaction and closeness because of the isolation that comes from staying inside during colder months. 

It also generates heat, physically speaking. Have you ever rushed through summer sex in order to avoid heat stroke? It’s common, and the exact reason why “more” sex in winter also means longer love-making. Perhaps that’s why 9 months after big power outages and snow storms come baby booms. 

You can embrace your cuddling and fill your body with happy hormones. Science is the best science.

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