Safe Sex Toys for Better Pleasure

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We all know pleasure can come in many forms. We also know there is something called self-pleasure. It can be a sweet little thing and, if you’re lucky, should include an intensifier.

safe sex toys

Some people are still hesitant about using sex toys. This could be due to a bad experience or a lack information. “It is widely believed that vibrators can desensitize the clitoris.,” said Dr. Laurie Mintz, professor of psychology and licensed sex therapist.

Given that into account, it’s actually no wonder some have just never had a close encounter with, we dare to say, one of the greatest gadgets ever invented.

Funny thing: Many women never have their first orgasm. They can’t use a sextoy until they do..

They are discussed openly by us. We know how they can please others and we encourage you to come along. You are entitled to your safety and pleasure. 

We are LELO Never judge. Encourage people to enjoy pleasure.

We have put together this guide to help you try something new and something that is especially tailored to you. And, most importantly, something safe.

It is a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life, not something you can keep forever.  

Pleasureland is looking for newbies

Research has shown that most women require clitoral stimulation to experience sex. Therefore, we recommend starting with a Clitoral vibrator.

They make an excellent introduction to sex toys usage because clitoral vibrators don’t look as intimidating as some other toys might and also make a fantastic tool for the beginning of exploring.

Once you are comfortable with the vibrators, you can try out toys that use sonic waves to stimulate your inner and outer clitoris. SONA, SILAYou can also call it: ENIGMA

Finally, it’s time to move on Sex toys that stimulate both internally and externally The cherry on top is that it’s all at once. It is important to have a lot of anticipation before you start using sex toys. 

We asked Dr. Laurie Mintz if she could give us some tips for beginners. 

  • Reserve some time so that you can be alone and not feel rushed.
  • It is possible to first do something to relax (e.g. a bubble tub) if your anxiety is high. If you’re more anxious, then you can try a run or something to get your blood moving (e.g. a run). Research shows that increasing blood flow can increase orgasm.
  • Learn how to use the sextoy.
  • You can use any sexy toy with lube. I strongly advise LELO’s personal moisturizer.
  • The lubricant should be applied to the outside of your genitals (vulva).
  • You can use the toy to stimulate your genitals. For beginners, I recommend a clitoral vibrationator (rather that a G-spot, rabbit vibrator), so apply the vibrator on your external genitals. It can be moved around (e.g., to your clitoralhood and inner lips as well as the two sides of your Klitoris) until you find what you like. You can play with intensity.  
  • Enjoy! I predict that your new favorite lover will be you—and your LELO toy!
  • Finally, please don’t forget to clean the toy after and store it in the beautiful bag it came in. I highly recommend LELO’s toy cleaner. Spray on the product, wait 5 seconds, then rinse off.

Safety at the top

We care so much about what we eat and how we dress.

Did you ever wonder about safety? Have you ever thought about the products you use or why you don’t? Safety is the key to all sex. Safety is high-quality, non porous material that can’t be contaminated by bacteria.

Phthalates are a term that you may have heard of. It’s scary, even if you read it.

They can also adversely affect the reproduction process, increase congenital disabilities, and cause sperm loss according to studies. Many sex toys are made from plastic and contain phthalates – this should be on your blocklist.

“Look for a toy made of medical grade silicone with a lot of options in terms of patterns and intensities of stimulation. These toys are easier to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria. They also make it more enjoyable to play with, to discover what you like. All LELO toys meet these criteria!”, Laurie warns.

You should also take safety into consideration when cleaning your toy. It not only protects you, but it can also extend the life expectancy of your intimate items. 

Sex toys don’t replace partners – they don’t laugh, cuddle or say, I love you. They do only one thing – provide the type of intense stimulation many need to orgasm.

Although you may feel numb when using sex toys for too long, this is not the same as feeling numb from sitting too long on a bicycle seat.

Taking a break is absolutely fine, but remember, “Studies show that women who use sexual toys have more orgasms and are less likely to get sexy.,” concludes Dr.Mintz. 

Investing in a safe sex toy isn’t a luxury; it’s an investment in your body, your intimacy, and your pleasure. 

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