Re-examine Your Masculinity on International Men’s Day

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It takes a special kind of a failed social justice warrior (and bonehead) to go around social networks on the International Women’s Day and complain it is unfair women have their day and men do not.

international mens day

So, let’s settle this once and for all – not only that International Men’s Day exists, but it has existed since the 90s. It is celebrated each year on the 19th November. Inaugurated in 1992 at a different time (7 February) by Thomas Oaster. Malta, an island-state, was the first to recognize the law in 1994.

This day exists to raise awareness about male issues. These can include testicular cancer and prostate problems. If you have any of these or both, please take this opportunity to learn how to recognize them. Early signs Perform self-examination.

We are not here to cause a cancer scare, but To celebrate and discuss manhood. 

Masculinity In Danger… What?

There is no way to tell what masculinity looks like, and that has resulted in it getting some negative press. When it comes to appearance, you more or less know it when you see it – typically in the form of hairy, muscular and square-jawed guys. You will find few people who can agree on all the rest.

Recently, a conservative US senator was elected. Beware that the traditional masculine virtues like “courage, and independence, and assertiveness” are in danger, which makes men retreat to pornography and videogames. OMG, I don’t know where to begin.

While it might seem manly to be courageous, courage can be a universal human virtue. It can take many forms, and a single mom who works two jobs to support her family is no less courageous than someone who has to face life-threatening situations.

Self-Reliance: The Cost

Independence comes with two sides. Independence is a positive thing because you are able to do things on your own.

Then there’s the pathological form of independence in the form of radical self-reliance. This idea that men must be able to care for themselves is taking a huge toll on our society. Men are less likely to seek out help. Medical helpThis is especially true for those who seek help. Mental health issues This might be an even more plausible explanation for excessive pornography and gaming.

Secure Beats Assertive Each Time

And as for the virtue of assertiveness – well, it is no virtue at all. Insecurity is the root of assertiveness. The toughest, most manly and fatherly figures I’ve ever met in my life were also some of the kindest. They are polite, soft-spoken, and manly.

It is not difficult to discover masculine virtues, and most people who have grown up to be decent human beings probably had some father figure that embodied them. It might have been someone who gave us security and protection. A person who was not self-sufficient, but was reliable and kind.

Not all Masculinity is Toxic

Let these be the virtues that we celebrate. Real men feel secure enough to not be threatened when toxic masculinity is discussed in public. It exists, but it is also known as toxic femininity.

Despite being born male, men are often dealt more cards in society than women. But there are instances when men get worse deals than women, and those are less likely for discussion.

The death rate for men is twice that of women, and they die earlier. traffic accidentsThey are more likely to be exposed than others and do the most dangerous and hazardous jobs. Toxic violence. Men continue to die in wars at an unproportional rate and often get blamed (as if they have any connection with the warlords, generals, and politicians who sent them there).

Some of us are good, some of us are bad, some of us are hairy, others are not… big, small, fat, thin, muscular… we come in all shapes, shades and flavors. But we’re only human after all.

So happy Men’s Day to all my fellow men.

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