Make Your Sex Life Hotter With Some Actual Fire

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A real fire can be a great way to increase the warmth in your bedroom.

You can be sure that I have written a serious safety disclaimer after I read what I wrote. But brace yourself – we are seriously going to discuss including open flames into your sex life.

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Fire is Sexy

There is a reason we call sexy things hot – fire is sexy and it appeals to our primal instincts. We don’t know who lit the first fire, but I am absolutely certain that the fire-nerd instantly became the most popular person in that cave. So, let’s check some ways to (safely) merge sex and flames.


Everything from dimness and flickering to the perfect natural color of candlelight just screams “sex”. To create a romantic atmosphere, light the room with candles. I’ve always found the very act of lighting candles and preparing the setting in anticipation of sex quite powerful and exciting.

There are things you should consider though – find safe spots for candles that are clear of other objects, and use only stable surfaces and candle holders. You should also consider that candles made with synthetic materials, such as paraffin, can be a substantial source of heat. indoor pollutionYou should use beeswax and ventilate the room.

Hot Wax: Playing with Hot Wax

It is not recommended to apply hot wax directly from a burning candle to the skin. However, if you enjoy your pleasure with a little pain, it will be just as hot as you thought. Temperature play requires trust and good communication between partners (which I recommend in general), but it can be very sensual once you have it down. Blindfold your partner to get the best effect. Then, apply the hot wax with some ice intermittently. This hot-cold combination will excite the senses in the perfect way.

A Fireplace, Sex and the Fireplace

Most religious rituals utilize fire as a way to charge them up. Open flames are also a good option for sex. Light a fire and turn the lights off if you have a fireplace in your home, holiday home, or cabin. This will allow you to make love before the altar of a subdued flame. Everything from heat and light to the crackling of wood contributes to the right mood. However, to avoid unwanted gases building up, the room must have adequate airflow.

A Open Fire is the Next Best Place for Sex

A campfire is the best place to have sex. This combination combines two amazing natural turn-ons: sex by fire, sex under the sky, and also exposes you to the natural environment and its sensual elements such as the breeze and possible cold on your skin.

It can be exciting to imagine that others might see you. It is also, last but not least, so far removed from our daily lives that it feels unbelievably thrilling. If you have the chance, don’t miss it.

An Actual Safety Disclaimer

For real, I wasn’t kidding, please read this short disclaimer. Although we try to be kind and respectful of our readers and aim our messages towards mature adults, it’s easy to forget the dangers of open flames. We urge you to remember to keep your safety first.

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