How to Clean Sex Toys

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To prevent bacterial infection and the transmission of STIs, it is important to clean sex toys properly. Some STIs die when the fluid in which they are stored dries out. Some, like hepatitis and scabies, may not be able to reach their bodies for weeks or months. Before you place sex toys in your genital area, it is crucial to get rid of any sperm. Be sure to read the instructions before you clean your sex toys. If the task of cleaning the toy properly is too tedious or time-consuming, it might be worth looking into purchasing another toy. These instructions are not intended to replace those provided by the manufacturer.

How to Clean Sex Toys

How to clean your Sex Toys

For basic care, take out any batteries from toys. Avoid putting any electrical components in water. You can clean your electric toys with a moist, soapy cloth and antibacterial soap. Place your toys in a bag, or pouch to keep them clean.

Cleaning porous materials – Silicone, glass and stainless steel.

  • Glass: For glass toys, you can use soap and water. Pyrex toys may be washed using a dishwasher. Avoid exposing glass to extreme temperatures.
  • Stainless Steel: To clean electrical devices, warm soapy water is used. You should not submerge any electrical components. There are three options available for electrical components. You can boil them, soak them in 10% bleach-water solution and let them sit for 10 minutes, or you can put them in the dishwasher.
  • Plastic: Use antibacterial soap with water to clean. Do not boil
  • Silicone: There are three ways to clean silicone toys. It can be boiled for 5-10 minutes, then placed in the dishwasher (on top). It can also be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. The vibrator mechanism will be damaged if silicone vibrators are boiled.

Cleaning porous materials – Rubber, vinyl, and cyberskin

  • Rubber materials: Rubber materials can be porous and difficult to clean. There is no way to know the composition of rubber materials. These materials could contain chemicals that are known to be hazardous to your health, such as phthalates. Condoms are recommended for use with these toys.
  • Cyberskin & Vinyl: Cyberskin, which is soft and porous in nature, is used often for dildos. To wash vinyl toys and cyberskin, use warm water. For best results, dry them with a towel and dust lightly with cornstarch.
  • Nylon: To clean toys and harnesses made of nylon, you can either machine-wash them or use mild antibacterial soap.
  • Leather: Clean leather with a damp, soapy cloth. Avoid soaking leather. After your leather has been cleaned, you can apply a leather conditioner. Protect metal parts with clear nail polish. 

    Sex toy cleaning FAQs:

    How often do sex toys need to be cleaned out?

    It is imperative that you clean all sex toys right away after they are used. To ensure safety, toys should be cleaned before each use.

    It is important to thoroughly clean the sex toys before they are used again. Non-motorized, heatproof and waterproof materials can be disinfected by boiling them in water. A sextoy disinfectant can also be used to disinfect other materials. You can find more information below.

    It can be difficult to disinfect porous materials. According to a functional medicine specialist, “I advise people not to use porous products in their homes if they are being used internally because it is difficult to clean them.” Wendie Trubow, M.D., MBATell mbg. “External Use should not be allowed if they are clean.”