Have You Experienced Forced Masturbation Without Even Knowing it?

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Most of us don’t particularly like to be forced into doing things. But when it comes to forced masturbation, there’s actually a kinky appeal to it. It’s kind of like the exception to the rule. For those who enjoy it, that is.

forced masturbation

So, whether the idea intrigues you or not, you know you simply cannot go on with your day without finding out the ins and outs of forced masturbation. 

Forced masturbation is often practiced in the BDSM community, largely within the sexual role play practice. 

It is a form of erotic humiliation whereby one partner, usually known as the submissive, is forced by the dominant to masturbate.

Interestingly, this kind of practice need not always take place in the confinement of one’s home. There is such a thing as public forced masturbation, which is then a source of public humiliation.

Wherever forced masturbation is practiced, it is essentially one partner giving up control during sexual play, and allowing another to take power and sexual control over them.

It’s important to note, however, that forced masturbation isn’t actually ‘forced’ per se. Both partners should discuss their interests, likes, dislikes, limits and safe words before any play, which will then indicate that the submissive has given their full consent to the acts the dominant will demand.

Why is Forced Masturbation Appealing?

Just like other acts in the dom-sub relationship, forced masturbation is a way in which to toy with power—either having it or not having it. 

This can be quite freeing for those who lead either busy or stressful lives filled with decision making and want to relinquish control, or those who feel rather powerless in life and fancy taking control.

Another reason why forced masturbation could be appealing is because it is an excellent way for shy individuals to let go and follow their partner’s orders. Some may find it intimidating to masturbate in front of another, and thus being ‘forced’ to do so is a way to feel more liberated and free. 

This practice too can be a part of foreplay, creating a heightened sexual appetite before sex.

Additionally, forced masturbation can aid in psychological and mental arousal, with the mere thought of being forced, or forcing another, to masturbate being an absolute turn on. 

Examples of Forced Masturbation

There are a variety of ways that forced masturbation can be practiced. Of course, there’s the more obvious way in which one commands another to masturbate, but then there are other ways that could be considered even more intense. For example:

    • Slave Training: when a dominant trains their submissive to masturbate regularly
    • Erotic Humiliation: during public play, performing for others
    • Reward and Punishment: a submissive engages in forced masturbation as either a reward or punishment as dictated by their dominant
    • Cuckold Fantasy: One partner is forced to masturbate while the other engages in sexual activity with someone else
    • Role Play: for example, one cannot pay their rent and thus are forced into masturbation as compensation 
    • Physical Restraints: using handcuffs or rope to restrain a submissive then putting a vibrator against their erogenous zone(s)

Forced Masturbation: Have You Tried It Without Knowing?

And for a more common form of forced masturbation, one that you may have even participated in without even knowing it, is when one wears vibrating panties or a wearable vibrator where the remote is given to a partner. 

In this way, a person has no control over the stimulation, be it in public or at home, and thus are forced into masturbation.

Consent is Essential

As we’ve already mentioned, discussing your scenes, likes, dislikes, limits, hard limits, safe words, and what you perceive to be a punishment or a reward, is absolutely essential before anything else. 

And despite the fact that the term ‘forced masturbation’ leads one to believe that the one being ‘forced’ has absolutely no control over it, they essentially have all of the control, as they should have agreed to it before play time. 

Aftercare is Essential 

Along with the notion that everything needs to be pre-discussed, and consent should be given before, during, and after, aftercare is extremely important too when it comes to forced masturbation. 

There is such a thing as ‘sub drop’ whereby a submissive may feel negative emotions, like guilt, shame, depression, or sadness after a scene. Aftercare is important because it gives submissives solace and comfort, ensuring their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

Aftercare is also just as important for the dominant, as they can experience something called ‘top drop’ which is when the dominant feels down, guilty, or depressed after a scene. 

Because of this, both the submissive and the dominant can benefit from aftercare. Aftercare can look like cuddling, bringing a partner some water or tea, hugs, words of affirmation, or just general conversation.

Now, be honest… have you ever had some cheeky fun with vibrating panties or a wearable vibrator controlled by a partner? You daredevil, you!

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