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Sex toy company LELO has been dubbed “the Tesla of sex toy companies” by Vice and our latest device has gained much attention, so here’s how to get freaky with it.

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Enigma launched, and five-star reviews came flying in, stating that it offered women pleasure that was “out of this world”.

Giving you the option for both kinds of stimulation, our luxurious dual action sonic massager is designed to titillate both the entire clitoris – its visible and invisible parts – and G-spot.

You can have the buildup to your sexual pleasure with sonic waves that give you either gentle or strong pulsations.

With eight pleasure settings and being duo action, it is a toy designed for the explorers amongst us who are ready to discover the next orgasm so intense it feels as if you’ve entered outer space.

Sophie Blackman, journalist and Sex toy review columnist used Enigma for a full month straight to find out some great tips.

So, if you want to go to another dimension of pleasure, listen up because here’s how to get the best out of Enigma.

Here are Sophie’s 6 tips and tricks to take your Enigma masturbation session to Mars!

Make sure you lube your F!

It’s crucial when masturbating as, believe me, even if you are wet, you can still get friction sores when using a toy that possesses intense settings as Enigma does.

LELO’s personal moisturiser is my go-to as it is a water-based lubricant. Anything else will make me very uncomfortable downstairs.

I am reassured by the fact that it is unscented, contains no parabens and has a glycerine-free formula.

A silicone toy can be damaged by silicone-based oils, so ensure you use a water-based oil with LELO products.

Lubricating will make your experience better for many reasons. First, while sounding completely obvious, it helps you increase your lubrication and thus, protects you from nasty injuries (we have all been there when we’ve massaged for way too long without any lube. It makes it difficult and painful to pee.

This can help you avoid the painful side effects by simply smothering it or rubbing a little lube wherever you feel it is needed.

Sophie’s personal tip: Coat the suction section of Enigma in lube. It makes it feel like a tongue… do I need to say more?

Give it a squeeze 

We’ve all been there.

Once you feel the pain, it becomes difficult to enjoy the moment. The imagination gets distracted by sore hands, and you begin to lose your thrill.

Once the Lil tip with Enigma is in place, it can relax and kick back if you hold it tightly between your legs.

It feels like you’re being held down and having your arms extended.

Except, you know it’s not going to stop unless you want it to. 

This is a truly unique experience.

After all… it’s built to be self-sufficient, so make the most of it!

Sophie’s personal tip: Prop a pillow under your lower back (just above your rear) and lay back as you hold Enigma inside you. It will send you into another dimension, that’s for sure.

Take a fiddle around

You have eight sonic wave settings available to you in the Enigma, and are fully in control of each one.

Contrary to dual-action play, where you can be orally delighted and then penetrated by fingers or toys, you control the pace and pulses.

You can work at your own pace, and set the rhythm that suits your needs.

Whether it’s slow and steady pulsations or fast and intense, have a play about and discover what feels best.

It can be easy to find one setting you like and always set it to that one, but don’t forget to explore.

This applies to how you position your body. We masturbating often lie down, but you can stand, lean against a wall or simply sit up in your bed.

Changing the settings, position, and environment can help you reach new and exciting orgasms – especially with a unique toy such as Enigma.

It’s whisper-quiet as well, so there is no reason you can’t take it to new places… even if just in your home.

Sophie’s personal tip: Enigma is waterproof so if you’re tired of masturbating in bed, take it to the bathtub. The water helps lubricant (of course, still use lube) and the settings under the water… believe me, you will want to try it!

Quality over speed

Enigma stimulates the entire clitoral region, so it is important to remember that it is stronger than traditional vibrators.

It can be a great way to instantly feel the thrill, but you should try to delay it as much as possible.

It sounds strange, right? Isn’t it created and designed to give you fast orgasms? 

Yes and no. It’s the ideal toy for the busy vulva owner who wants to get off quickly and the perfect teasing partner.

You will always get more out of your orgasm than its speed.

You can create suspense by building it up.

Enigma is able to give you the best both of them.

Sophie’s personal tip: While building up the suspense of teasing oneself, you can use Enigma in lots of different places over your body – well, the suction part anyways. I also like to use Enigma on my erogenous spots, such as my inner legs and nipples. Others also enjoy it under their armpits and on the feet. 

It can be considered self-care 

Masturbating refers to self-care. Masturbating is self-care that releases endorphins, bringing you to your highest point.

Treat it like that and give it as positive a vibe. 

Music can be used to help, such as lighting candles or having a fun time in a bubble tub.

You could also pop your porn on your TV for a chance to feel like you’re watching it on the big screen.

Relax with a good book of erotic fiction or a delicious bar of dark chocolate. It’s sure to get you in the right mood, and it’s a great treat!

Enigma can help you find a new level of enjoyment. You will find it relaxing and more exciting to set the scene.

Sophie’s personal tip: Enigma is my favourite toy to use because it ticks all my self-care needs. It can be held between my legs while I read my favorite erotica. Before this, multi-tasking was hard. I had to hold the toy and my book in one hand. Your hands can now play with the rest your body. Enigma is a great way to show your body some love.

Lucy Rowett, expert Sex and Intimacy Coach, has some words of encouragement to help you dive deeper into your pleasure.

Rowett explained how Enigma, a toy that allows you to explore your sexuality, is the best.

“Sex toys are so amazing to add to your life if you want to explore your sexuality for lots of reasons,” she said.

She continued: “First and foremost, especially if you are a woman or person with a vulva, you won’t have received many affirming messages about exploring your pleasure and sexuality for yourself, or any at all.”

“Many women and people with vulvas have never had an orgasm until well into their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond- simply because cultural messages told us that sex is primarily for a husband or boyfriend, and not to have pleasure ourselves.”

“For many women and people with vulvas, their first orgasm is with a sex toy- isn’t that incredible? By exploring sex toys, you can start to own your pleasure more and make it a priority.”

Rowett says sex toys can help you “explore your full pleasure potential” by stimulating different spots with different sensations.

“Having a sex toy can be a visual reminder to yourself that your pleasure does matter,” she said. “As they are becoming more widely accepted and even celebrated, owning a sex toy or three can be your way of owning your sexuality.”

Must we say more…

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