Do the Seasons Affect Your Libido?

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Ah, the cozy, cold nights of winter. You know the ones we’re talking about when all you want to do is wrap yourself in a huge blanket, relax in front of the fire – and have sex.

That’s at least according to a number of U.S. studies regarding seasonal effects on sensuality; winter is when we all start getting a little hot under the collar (of our puffy down jackets). Popular culture seems to support the numbers. Cuffing season after all!) So, let’s dive into what your sex life really looks like in winter!

How Winter affects your sex life

Let’s Look at the Nippy Weather Numbers

Did you know that September 16th is a common birthday? This means that most babies are born in December, while August is the most common month for conception.

That alone doesn’t prove that winter is when we can expect an uptick in our sexual encounters, but despite the increase in conceptions, the holidays also see a jump in the sales of Condoms. Two times as many are sold in the week leading up to Christmas than in the week afterwards, further indicating the joy of many who are truly enjoying a holly joyful holiday.

Winter is the time when women feel their sexiest. A study has shown that men find winter women more attractive than summer. What is it about winter clothing that gives you more skin coverage that stimulates your imagination?

Seasonal Sex Drives Suppressors

Of course, there are a few winter-specific situations that don’t necessarily lend themselves to extended sessions under the mistletoe. Holiday stressYou can cool down your hotter passions by having family visit, as well as getting to know them better. So, what’s to be done about it, if you find yourself experiencing a cold climate sexual upswing? We know we have some suggestions!

It’s a great time to spend quality time with your partner, especially in the cooler evenings. A sensual massage with massage oil candles. When things get too hot, spread some joy with an a wearable couples’ vibrator that shares sensations – let it snow, indeed!

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