8 Best Sex Positions for Women That Promise Orgasms

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Kama Sutra offers a variety of sex positions. All of them are worthwhile, but sometimes you may just want an easy sex position. 

best sex positions for women

We have a list with eight top sex jobs for women for those days you just want to have some fun in bed. 

1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl sex position 2

The list of the best sex positions for women wouldn’t be complete without the Cowgirl. It’s one of the most popular positions that many women claim help them orgasm and offer the best experience during sex. 

Ask your partner to lie on their back on a bed or other surface and you will be able to get into this position. You then need to get up on top of your partner, cross your hips, and lower down on their penis. 

Cowgirl is great for women as it allows you to control the speed, depth, angle, and movements of your orgasm. You can adjust your orgasm as you go, so you have complete control. 

This is a position that’ll require you to do the majority of work as you’ll be bouncing up and down your partner’s penis. They can help by extending their hips up, deepening the penetration and providing support. 

2. Doggy

Doggy sex position

The Doggy style is next on the list. Unsurprisingly, this sex position is also loved amongst women because it provides some good internal and external stimulation and doesn’t require much energy. 

It is easy to get into this position. Begin by getting down to your knees. Next, your partner will penetrate you from behind. 

Doggy is an excellent position for women to have sex. It offers deep penetration angles and can hit all the right spots. You partner can also reach out for your clit, which will be a surefire way to blow your mind. Orgasms with blended ingredients

Your partner can choose the speed and depth at which you want to penetrate. You can take control of the intensity by moving your hips towards them to stimulate more. There are special penis rings that can be adjusted to adjust the depth so Doggy can feel comfortable. 

3. Get your legs up

legs up sex position

Legs up is a great position for lazy sex. Your partner will take charge of the movements and you can lie down. This position allows you to have intimacy with your partner and also gives you access to your clit. 

To get in this position, you will lay on your back on a bed or other surface. Your partner will then be kneeling before you. As your partner penetrates you, lift your legs and let them rest against your chest. 

Legs Up has a great penetration angle and will hit all the right spots in anal or vaginal sex. For sweet blended orgasms, you can either stimulate or ask your partner for sex. 

4. Pound Town

butter churner sex position

Pound Town is a slightly different version of Doggy sex. It requires more energy and bending. This is a lucrative sex position for women because it’s perfect for vaginal and anal sex and offers a deep penetration angle. 

To achieve this position, lie down on your stomach. Next, raise only your hips so that they are up in the air. The rest of you will be on the ground or on a surface. Depending on how tall you are, your partner may kneel or stand above you while they penetrate from behind. 

It can be a challenging position at first, so don’t get discouraged. You can instead try to get into Doggy, and then gradually adjust to Pound Town as you wish. 

5. Reverse Cowgirl

reverse cowgirl sex position 2

Reverse Cowgirl, another great sex position for women, gives you complete control over your pleasure and provides a fantastic view for your partner. It’s a variation of a Cowgirl, where instead of facing your partner as you ride, you turn your back on them. 

Let your partner lie on their back to get in this position. Next, place your partner on your back and then move over to them. Straddle them while you lower yourself onto their penis. To get the best comfort, you can lean forward, place your hands on their legs and bounce away. 

Reverse Cowgirl allows you to experiment with a different penetration angle than Cowgirl, so don’t skip on this position, thinking it’s going to be the same. 

6. Sitting Reverse Cowgirl

sitting reverse cowgirl sex position

Sitting reverse cowgirl is an incredible sex position for women. It allows you to have full control over your movements, but also gives you a lot more skin-on–skin contact and intimacy than your partner, even though you are looking at them. 

It’s also a perfect position for living room sex when you want to change the scenery or want to watch Netflix while you’re riding your partner. 

Begin by placing your partner on the couch. Next, cross your partner’s lap while you lower your penis on their back. 

This position gives you complete control over the speed and movement. But it gives your partner an ideal view of your rear side and access to touch your clit or your breasts while you’re riding them. 

7. Spread Eagle

45 degrees separation sex position

Spread Eagle is another lazy sex position that will be perfect for when you’re tired but still want the big O. It offers a deep penetration angle while giving your partner great access to your clit, so it’s a total winner. 

You can do this by lying on your back. Your partner can be in bed with your partner so that their knees are at the end. You can either lay down on the floor so that your partner can see the edges of the table. 

For support, lift your legs and spread them out. They control speed and movement, as well as how far apart your legs are. 

You can experiment with different angles and find which one feels best during penetration. For extra stimulation, you can also access your clit. 

8. Squatting

squatting sex position

The Squatting position is the last but not least. It’s great when you want to be in control of the movements and penetration angles. This position can make it a very intimate one, as it allows you to have a lot of skin-onskin contact with your partner. 

You can get in this position by letting your partner rest their heels on a comfortable surface, such as a mattress or a chair. You can then sit on their laps, with your back facing them, as they approach from behind. 

Do regular squats, but bounce up and down. You can have your partner wrap your arms around you and play with your clit while you ride them. 

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