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Alone Girl Male Masturbator MMT01 (MMT01)
  • Size: 7inchs by 4 inches

A tight hole and deliciously textured inside for added stimulation and powerful penetration.

Made from real-silicon rubber which is ultra realistic, soft, fleshy and very easy to take care of.

Your solo sessions will never be the same again! Get one of our recommended bullets and slide it into the back of the sleeve for the best experience ever.

Please note you should clean sex toys before and after every use with alcohol.

Beauty Sex vibrator Kit - LESK02 (LESK02)

Product Description

flirting product suite, a major role in the flirting between sexual partners. Unique design and advanced materials, so that you and full of love and desire between sexual partners peristaltic rhythm, put your passion into the most state of excitement!  Combination of equipment. 

Materials-  4 Off switch, and exit from the body.

Usage- 1. Install it properly (the product were 5 V using 2 batteries, 2 AA batteries) 2 before use with 75% alcohol scrub disinfection products, products coated with suitable lubricant (recommended together with condoms) 3 into the body, start switch, until the climax 4 Off switch, and exit from the body.

Note-for personal use, should pay attention to hygiene before and after use; this is cleaned after use, the circuit part and avoid contact with water, to avoid electrical fault; Do not coat with ink and other dirt; collection before Remove the battery from the battery box, utensils into the box, should be the original location of each collection well placed for the next use.  

Beauty Sex vibrator Kit
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