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Automatic Penis Enlarger Pump PED01
Made in USA
Classic Silicon Strapon for Men -SO04 (SO04)
Special features :

Strap-on diameter is stretchable for more comfort and late erection
Length:5"/ 6.5”
Dia: 1.5”
Inner Hollow :4”
Material: Class-I Silicon
Color: Pink, Skin color

Note- Belt may not be similar as seen in picture.
Extra Hollow Strap on Dildo -SO05 (SO05)
    • Available in Solid
    • Length: 9”
    • Dia: 1.75” and 2.5"
    • Inner Hollow : 5.5”
    • Material: Class-I Silicon
    • Color: Skin Color
    • Vibrator: Yes, 7 types of vibrator inside with remote control
Extra Large Strapon Dildo for Men -SO06 (SO06)
Key features: -
  • - 11 inch long vib. strap on dildo with remote
  • 5.5 inch hollow-
  • Realistic head- Veined shaft-
  • 1.75 inch diameter- Flared base-
  • Soft dildo lining- Pelvic cushioning-
  • Elasticated jock strap style harness-
  • 46 inch Adjustable straps
Hollow Dong Strap on Dildo -SO07 (SO07)
  • Length: 6” & 8" (8" Long Cost Rs.4490.00)
  • Dia: 1.75”
  • Inner Hollow : 4”
  • Material: Class-I Silicon
  • Color: Pink

LELUV 6" Strapon Penis for Male and Female -SO08 (So08)

1.Material: silicon

2.Color: skin

3.Size: Dia-1.5", Length-6"

4.Weight: 0.40kg/pc

5.Description: Realistic penis strap on dildo for men with pussy and multi-speed vibration.

6.Required 2*AA batteries

LELUV 8" Vibrating Hollow Strap On Harness for Women SO09 (SO09)
  • 8” (18 cm) Phthalate-Free Hollow Dildo
  • Dia 1.75"
  • Adjustable Elastic Harness
  • Multi-Speed Vibrations
  • Fits Waist Size: 46 inches
  • Required 2 AAA battery.
Leluv-7.5” Hollow Male Strap on Vibrating Dildo Cock & Balls -SO10 (SO10)
Key Features:
• Beginner-sized dong is slender in girth
• 7.5 inches in length Inner hollow: 4" 1.75 inches
• Slightly curved dong for G-spot stimulation
• Adjustable harness fits most sizes (up to 46 inch waist)
• Realistic penis strap on, complete with veins and textured testicles
• Phthalate free and hypoallergenic
• Perfect for reaching new sexual heights with your partner!
Mini Silicone Strapon Dildo -SO11 (SO11)
  • Pure solid silicone product
  • Length : 5 inch
  • Dia : 1.25 inch
  • Adjustable 44 inch belt
Narrow Realistic Strapon Dildo SO12 (SO12)
  • Size: 5 inch long; 1.25  Diameter.
  • The Ultra soft Realistic Strapon Dildo.
  • Non vibrating Strapon dildo for girls
Solid Silicone Strapon Dildo For Girls -SO13 (SO13)
  • Solid Strapon Dildo For Girls
  • 8 inchs Long
  • 1.8 inchs Dia
  • Skin color Silicone material
  • 44inches adjustable Belt.
Realistic Strap On Dildo For Women -SO14 (SO14)
  • Length: 8.5”
  • Dia: 2”Inner
  • Hollow: NIL
  • Material: Class-I
  • SiliconColor: Light brown
Universal StrapOn Harness Vibrator -SO15 (SO15)
  • Multi type vibration
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Dia: 2 inches
  • Type: Solid
  • Material: Class-I Silicon (which gives more pleasure and real feel)
  • Color: Skin color, light brown
  • 44" adjustable strap

Fuck Me Doggy Style MMT02 (MMT02)

Product dimensions: 9inch : 3inch : 9inch

Material : Soft Silicon

Vibration : 7mode vibration.

Weight: 1Kg


Fuck Me Doggy Style Big MMT03 (MMT03)
    • Size: 12” wide, 10” high
    • Material: Class-I Silicon used
    • Two inputs (Pussy & Anal)
    • Color: Pink
Mastomatic The Automatic Blow Masturbator FM13 (FM13)
Mastomatic- The Automatic Blow Masturbator - Come, Enjoy the Pleasure! If you have been looking for the best vacuum pump that feels like a real mouth working on you, then you have arrived just at the right place. The Mastomatic Pump provides a heavenly feel for any masturbating man. It strokes the penile back and forth just like a real time blowjob. The Mastomatic Penis pump comes loaded with a fully controllable speed adjustment function, providing you just the right buttons to control your pleasure levels. So, whether you are planning to go solo tonight or just wish to have some fun with your sex partner, the Mastomatic pump is the most pleasurable way to come. Absolutely hands-free operation! All you'll be required to do is just lie back in comfort and allow the Mastomatic pump do its job. The Mastomatic pump is a kind of vacuum pump that is always ready to do the job and is very easy to use. Use it and feel it sucking you away to ecstasy! Its softness is ever-prepared to serve its user, whenever desired. Fleshlight use and maintenance and cleaning instructions - Before use, use warm water soak strips 10-15 minutes, so that the touch softer. - Use water-soluble lubricant was better, do not use silicone lubricant will destroy the tape. - Shell case back to your liking rotate to adjust the suction, using them will have the effect of sucking. - Do not use soap to clean in order to avoid tape damage, - Cleaning solution to neutral principles, or diluted with alcohol wipe. - Can not blow hot hair dryer, and do not direct sun - After the cleaning, dry to dry naturally or with a cold hair dryer dried up, - To strip back into the flashlight store, and will release the bottom cover in order to facilitate leak
Automatic Penis Enlarger Pump - PED01 (PED01)

Results seen within 3 weeks

Length: 11.5 inches

Dia:  2 inches

Material: Cristal clear fiber cylinder

Rechargeable battery. Easy to recharge with.

 Best result in regular use

Automatic Penis Enlarger Pump PED01
MaxEndurance Vibrating Penis Pump - PED02 (PED02)
  • Vibrating Penis Pump Colour             :        Clear and Black

    Vibrating Penis Pump Materia            :        Plastic

    Vibrating Penis Pump Functions           :      Enlarger, Developer and Stimulating Vibrations

    Vibrating Penis Pump Height             :         9"

    Vibrating Penis Pump Circumference       :   7"

    Vibrating Penis Pump Insert Material      :    Love skin

  • 100% Result in regular use
Penis Pump with Pussy - PED03 (PED03)


Penis Pump Colour            :    Cristal and Clear

Penis Pump Material           :      Plastic

Penis Pump Functions          :     Enlarger, Developer

Penis Pump Chamber Length    :  9"

Penis Pump Circumference      :    7.5"

Penis Pump Pussy Insert Material:    Love skin

Waterproof Sex Toy   : Yes

Penis Extender Pro USA - PED04 (PED04)

Dahan Penis Extender is clinically proven penis enlargement device for men who wish to add a few extra inches to their penis size without pills and penis surgery. Dahan Penis Extender was designed by a medical practitioner to provide gentle painless traction to the penis causing the multiplication of tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue, in other words, the body gradually and naturally adds tissue for a larger and longer penis! Using the scientific basis of gradual tension you can stretch your penis for permanent gains of up to 1 inch per month just using the penis enlargement device 3 – 6 hours per day. The Dahan Penis Extender has been ergonomically designed to optimum comfort and effectiveness and can be adjusted to fit any size penis. Years of clinical, extensive backing from the medical community and thousands of clients testimonials prove the effectiveness of this penis enlargement method. Above all thisDahan Penis Extender is very comfortable in use. Infact this male enhancement device can be worn while you sleep. Also it can be worn under loose trouses, without any obvious signs. So with theDahan Penis Extender you can easily achieve a long and thick penis and be the real man that women desire. Just imagine the look on her face as she sees your huge throbbing penis for the first time. If you want to be the guy who all the girls are talking about you need to have the manhood to match.

How Dahan Penis Extender works?

The Penis Enlargement Device works by applying a constant stretch to the penis over time. This stretching action is a type of tension applied to the penis called “penile traction” which is the very basis behind the science of the DAHAN extender. The penile traction process is not a painful experience it is a slight gentle tension applied over time. As aDahan Extender user, you get to chose how much tension you want to apply to your penis and how many hours you would like to use it. You would only set it to a comfortable level. Wearing the DAHAN extender is both simple and comfortable. First add the necessary extention bars to accommodate your penis, then insert your penis, and apply the holding band around the head of your penis to hold it in place. Then set the tension level by rotating the adjuster.

How the penis enlargement device affect my erections?

Most of our clients report their erections were much stronger due to the increased cell activity and blood flow. With Dahan you get a powerful erection, hardness and staying power as well.

Made in USA
Fuck Me Doggy Style MMT04 (MMT04)

Product dimensions: 9inch : 3inch : 9inch

Material : Soft Silicon Rubber

Vibration : 7mode vibrator

Weight: Around 2Kg

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