KY Jelly Personal Water based Lubricant - PL02

Volume: 50g Introductions: Has antibacterial, lubrication function, can effectively induce sexual desire and sexual excitement K - Y lubricant is transparent colorless water-soluble lubricant, it doesn't contain oils, fragrances and alcohol, low allergenic, scientific testing and years of clinical use has proved its safe and reliable performance. There are times when you need releif from the dryness that is caused by your body not producing enough of its own lubrication. Viginal dryness is a natural occurrence for many women simply because of the pressures of life ,such as stress , tiredness or menstruation .K-Y has been specially created based on gynaecological research to supplement your natural lubrication .K-Y is a moist , colourless , odourless , and non -greasy water-based gel so it is cleanring and wonot remain in the body. it eliminates friction discomfort and helps protect you from irritation. it is ideal for use with condoms . oil dased products such as pertroleum jelly and some body lotions can destroy the latex in comdoms in seconds . leading to possible leakage. think of K-Y as the closest thing to your bodies own natural lubrication .There are no ingredients in this product which will cause dependency. For order call 09641211211
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