Mastomatic The Automatic Blow Masturbator FM13

Mastomatic- The Automatic Blow Masturbator - Come, Enjoy the Pleasure! If you have been looking for the best vacuum pump that feels like a real mouth working on you, then you have arrived just at the right place. The Mastomatic Pump provides a heavenly feel for any masturbating man. It strokes the penile back and forth just like a real time blowjob. The Mastomatic Penis pump comes loaded with a fully controllable speed adjustment function, providing you just the right buttons to control your pleasure levels. So, whether you are planning to go solo tonight or just wish to have some fun with your sex partner, the Mastomatic pump is the most pleasurable way to come. Absolutely hands-free operation! All you'll be required to do is just lie back in comfort and allow the Mastomatic pump do its job. The Mastomatic pump is a kind of vacuum pump that is always ready to do the job and is very easy to use. Use it and feel it sucking you away to ecstasy! Its softness is ever-prepared to serve its user, whenever desired. Fleshlight use and maintenance and cleaning instructions - Before use, use warm water soak strips 10-15 minutes, so that the touch softer. - Use water-soluble lubricant was better, do not use silicone lubricant will destroy the tape. - Shell case back to your liking rotate to adjust the suction, using them will have the effect of sucking. - Do not use soap to clean in order to avoid tape damage, - Cleaning solution to neutral principles, or diluted with alcohol wipe. - Can not blow hot hair dryer, and do not direct sun - After the cleaning, dry to dry naturally or with a cold hair dryer dried up, - To strip back into the flashlight store, and will release the bottom cover in order to facilitate leak
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