Fleshlight PinkLady Original Stamina Traning Unit -FM09

    What is STU (Stamina Training Unit)? STU is a variation of that Fleshlight that does exactly what it says on the tin. It is used to train your sexual stamina before sexual intercourse. The STU allows you to perform different sexual techniques, strokes and experiment in the bedroom without actually having a female present. Product Features This product has the following features: ● without Phthelate (phosphorus benzene two potassium permanganate, a danger of plastics additives) ● You can replace the contents of different shape and touch strip ● The global number of patent certification. Adjust the temperature of the cost of two million U.S. dollars of research and development of ultra-texture is the Real Feel Super Skin material, hot water heating. ● comfortable, realistic, soft, durable, easy to clean. ● widely praised by users. ● Canadian Sex TV Net, the United States Shift magazine special presentation and recommendation. ● Not only is the best companion when alone, can help increase gender coexistence fun.
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